“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”-Annie Leibovitz



Hi! My name is Cassandra or Cassie. I am 28 years old, mother of two girls, a boy, an angel baby.. and wife of one handsome husband. I have spent the past 11 years with my best friend, a (now) retired soldier, which is what brought me here to the beautiful state of North Carolina! I don’t know at what age I picked up my first camera, but I can’t remember a time I put it down. Whether it’s my phone, somebody else’s phone, or my beloved Nikon.. I hate missing a moment. This obsession may stem from some memory issues that I have, yet can not seem to remember to get my prescription filled to help. Haa! Quite the catch 22, eh? I guess that’s what really got me serious about photography though. When we had our first child I quickly learned what people mean when they advise you not to blink. These kiddos seem to be moving in super speed and I am a turtle on it’s back just trying to stretch my neck out far enough to catch a glimpse of which way they’re going. I started taking pictures with cell phones and cheap digital cameras and they were fine to share online to keep family up to date on our lives, but I also love walls filled with pictures and pixel-y cell phone pictures just don’t cut it! (I assume you agree, because.. well here we are) Skipping ahead, my husband started getting me the equipment I needed to take pictures of our family and I absolutely fell in love with this whole new world of taking a picture! He really has encouraged my dreams and pushed me to be where I am today, for which I am so grateful. I love what I do so much that my family got burnt out quickly and I needed to branch out and find other people to take pictures of.DSC_0119lalalala

At this time I am NOT accepting payments for my art. I am a busy wife and momma and can not keep up with starting a business, I am a hobbyist still perfecting my art. I am interested in lifestyle and storytelling photography, if you are interested please share your story with me and we will come up with a creative way to capture it! Thank you for following my work!